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Перевод: Algerian speek Algerian

алжирец ; алжирка


  1. In Algeria, they found themselves in a similar situation, fighting a war against the regular Algerian Army and the guerrillas of the Front Libration Nationale .
  2. Do you know why it is that Jean-Paul's Algerian estates are so prosperous?
  3. "The north western provinces", observed Richard Ford, "are more rainy than Devonshire, while the centre plains are more calcined than those of the deserts of Arabia, and the littoral south or eastern coasts altogether Algerian".
  4. But he spoke good French, with scarcely a trace of an Algerian accent, so it might be true.
  5. Actually she was a former girlfriend, and he hadn't exactly visited her, because upon arriving he discovered she was living with an Algerian rug merchant - she had somehow neglected to mention this in her postcards - who had pulled out a scimitar and threatened to send the Swede home with his goolies in a sandwich bag if he didn't clear off instantly.
  6. The admen trumpeted: "Ever heard the Algerian national anthem?
  7. Couvelaire started his business 25 years ago with a Cessna 182 and a Comanche after serving as a pilot in the French Air Force during the Algerian war.
  8. Figaro ; Le Monde; the Herald-Tribune ; the Wall Street Journal ; El Moudjahid , the main Algerian daily, which was in French.
  9. The Algerian foreign minister has said that the swift election of a successor would "show those who oppose national harmony that their enterprise is bound to fail".
  10. Travelling by any means was forbidden in the Algerian Sahara from the end of May to September, while walking would, in any case, be impossible after March.
  11. In Algeria, at the Maison Alletti, the large, low-built house which the old baron had had built in the late 1920s, which formed the base for his Algerian vineyards and timber plantations, and which was built among gardens on the slope of a hill, overlooking the city and the breathtaking bay of Algiers.
  12. The final check on the Algerian side was in a small crowded office.
  13. Knowing that a conflict is about nationalism tells one very little - whether Ukrainian peasants face Polish landlords, French grape growers Algerian wine exporters, Chinese workers British employers.

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