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Перевод: Allah speek Allah

[имя собственное]


  1. Amazed that the little machine had brought us so far, he gave me his prayer beads and wished us a safe trip, "Allah willing".
  2. Allah is also unique in being the Creator.
  3. Praise be to Allah, the Creator of heaven and and earth!
  4. North reported back that the line was working; the Second Channel had noted to Cave "that RR being a man of God had removed the only argument they had - that Allah was on their side."
  5. In the name of Allah, things have come to a pretty pass if the tabloids are influencing England's selection policy.
  6. They felt that with the Emperor's death, their Christian God had deserted them, or had proven incomprehensibly capricious; or more positively they felt that Allah suddenly was shown to be more powerful and
  7. There is nothing in heaven or earth beyond the power of Allah.
  8. Men, bear in mind Allah's goodness towards you.
  9. Muslims on the other hand would consider Truth to be the revelation vouchsafed by Allah to his prophet Muhammad.
  10. If nothing in heaven or earth is "beyond the power of Allah" - if Allah, in other words, is omnipotent - then this quality can only be attributed to Him and to no-one else.
  11. The matter gave him enormous regret, no doubt an unhappy situation whose solution lay in the lap of the all-merciful Allah; nothing would give him greater pleasure than to return to Mr Laing his passport, which he had taken into nightly safekeeping only at the specific request of Mr Pyle.
  12. Congratulations to Phil Marsham, Paul Brooks, Vernon Retallick, Katie Land, Joy Arrowsmith and Allah Towns, with occasional help from Julie Dockree, Gavin Ward, Mark Finlayson and Pauline Retallick.

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