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Перевод: alacrity speek alacrity

живость ; готовность ; рвение


  1. It was an interesting challenge and I responded with alacrity.
  2. So when the invitation to become president of BitC arrived shortly afterwards, Charles accepted with alacrity.
  3. Four minutes later, Dunk and Phil Somers carved out an opening for Crimmen who finished the move off with alacrity to make it 3-;1.
  4. Alacrity was in Cartagena, Colombia's main naval base, on a preliminary visit to discuss strategies for future co-ordinated action against drugs shipments in the Caribbean.
  5. "Right away sir," replied the landlord with alacrity.
  6. But on the question of private tuition fees they are moving with remarkable alacrity.
  7. Apart from ice-skating and hockey in my youth, I was not keen on participating in sport, but the sight of skiers gliding over the unmarked hills of newly fallen snow was enticing; so when the actor Jack Bowdry invited me to have a go at the ski-run atop Grouse Mountain, across the inlet from Vancouver, I agreed with alacrity.
  8. It is typical of Richard that he accepted the task with alacrity and succeeded with such brilliance that almost overnight he became recognized as a famous warrior.
  9. But Alacrity's high-profile visit comes as international response to the Colombian offensive is being criticised inside Colombia.
  10. Many GPs see, as one put it, "a general improvement in services, swifter treatment and generally more alacrity in their approach".
  11. They dispense justice, settle land disputes, give orders to civil servants (which are carried out with an alacrity unknown earlier).
  12. Although students of Pound will fasten with delighted alacrity on such passages as the one just quoted about Yeats, and on one or two similar passages (for instance, one of January 1914, where he speaks with hostility about symbols and symbolism), still this book doesn't really belong with other Poundiana.
  13. With less alacrity he allowed himself to be guided across the other lane of the avenue, on to the safety of the pavement, and to an oddly impressive square, framed by the Catholic Cathedral, the Opera House, and the old Royal Library.

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