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Перевод: alcazar speek alcazar

алькасар ; крепость


  1. It was perhaps partly for this reason that on 21 September he ordered General Enrique Varela (who had taken over from Yage when the latter became ill) to make a detour to Toledo, to relieve what remained of nearly 2,000 Nationalists who had been besieged in the giant fortress - the alcazar - since the end of July.
  2. On 28 September - the day of the relief of the alcazar - the meeting was reconvened for further discussion.
  3. A portrait of a child by Luis Paret y Alcazar (1746-;1799) which has remained in the same family since it was painted is expected to sell for more than Pta40 million (220,000; 429,000).
  4. The alcazar itself was relieved on the following day.
  5. The resistance of the defenders of the alcazar was, for the anti-Republicans, symbolic of the whole Nationalist cause, with a minority of true Spaniards taking up arms to defend the Fatherland and Christian values against the onslaught of the hordes of anti-Christ and anti-Spain.
  6. I saw Fiesole in Florence and the Alcazar in Seville, the garden Gide preferred to all others.
  7. El Alcazar.
  8. Then he arose and took leave of the people, weeping plenteously, and returned to the Alcazar, and betook himself to his bed, and never rose from it again; and every day he waxed weaker and weaker, till seven days only remained of the time appointed.
  9. With the aid of measured drawings and a 1:10 model of the room in the Alcazar Palace in Madrid, destroyed by fire in 1734, in which Velazquez painted "Las Meninas" (now in the Prado), Philip Troutman, director of the Courtauld Institute Galleries 1958-;80, has been able convincingly to show that the figures seen in the mirror at the far end of the room in "Las Meninas" are those of the king and queen as painted by Velazquez on the canvas propped on the easel, and not, as has been suggested, of figures peering through the doorway behind the viewer.
  10. The relief of the town's Alcazar, the military barracks where the Nationalist garrison was under siege from left-wing militias, while earning Franco the world's headlines and assisting his elevation to overall military and political command, also gave the Republicans precious time in which to organize the defence of the capital.
  11. Then the Cid assembled together the Christians in the Alcazar, and when they were assembled, he rose upon his feet and said, Friends and kinsmen and vassals, praised be God and holy Mary Mother, all the good which I have in the world I have here in Valencia; with hard labour I won the city, and hold it for my heritage, and for nothing less than death will I leave it.
  12. In spite of the fact that he had not set foot in Toledo throughout the entire operation, he was acclaimed as the saviour of the alcazar and received with smiles and gestures of obvious satisfaction the near-delirious attentions of the survivors of the siege.
  13. On the morrow the Cid took Doa Ximena by the hand, and her daughters with her, and made them go up upon the highest tower of the Alcazar, and they looked toward the sea and saw the great power of the Moors, how they came on and drew nigh, and began to pitch their tents round about Valencia, beating their tambours and with great uproar.

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