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Перевод: alertness

бдительность ; настороженность


  1. for alertness (or fatigue) the evidence must be based upon subjective measurements, but, for body temperature, objective measurements are possible.
  2. Instinct alone brought me back to alertness, a warning pulse from the innermost guardian of my being.
  3. How confident he is, or affects to be, about their disinterestedness, their alertness, the range of their sympathies, the use that they will make of the gentlest hint or nudge!
  4. The essential qualities of this character are her impulsiveness and her youthful alertness.
  5. With this in mind all those who indicated a preference for evening sessions were asked a supplementary question to ascertain their mental and physical alertness and receptiveness.
  6. Sam Shepard, all Aldous Huxley ranginess and neurotic alertness, brings to the part of Faber a brittle dolour.
  7. This was certainly true of England last Wednesday, their back line in such stark disarray, so frequently outsmarted and embarrassingly wrongfooted by intelligently applied Polish speed and trickery that but for Shilton's alertness and determined auxiliary support from midfield they would have been overwhelmed.
  8. They are close to those regions of the brain which are involved in controlling sleep and alertness and exchange large amounts of information with these areas.
  9. In all the many thousands of words that have been expended on Eliot's achievements, this crucial matter - his alertness to, and exploiting of, the rhythms of the English verse-line - remains a vacuum, occupied only by unsupported and insupportable appeals to "the ear".
  10. It will have been noted that the rhythms of body temperature and alertness are timed very similarly with higher values in the daytime and lower values at night (compare figs 1.2 and 1.3).
  11. Those essences which are known to stimulate clarity of thought (rosemary, basil, peppermint) produced more beta brainwaves indicating a state of mental alertness.
  12. Saturday's goal was the product of some poor defending by Celtic and the alertness of Mason in picking out the ginger nut of Alex McLeish, but, again, they relied on a defender to score.
  13. The Platoon Commander visits the sangars during the night, and is not surprised by the sentries' alertness and cheerfulness.

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