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Перевод: algorithm speek algorithm

алгоритм ; метод ; правило


  1. The program uses an algorithm based on that of Berry-Rogghe 1970, which is described in Appendix B. However, instead of producing a concordance represented as a list of z-scores, it reformats the collocates into a list headed by the lemma being analysed.
  2. AI programs are primarily symbolic processes that do more than follow an algorithm, as in traditional (procedural) computing.
  3. According to the Forum, these can also be used to develop algorithm applications.
  4. The 7960 takes up a third less space than its predecessor and features a new intelligent learning cache algorithm.
  5. The selection of the most appropriate way is the subject of the next stage, the stage of representation and algorithm, in which a set of decision criteria for identifying maximum rate of change is established.
  6. Each node contains one letter rather than one word, thus allowing for the study of sub-word letter sequences, but to make the searching algorithm most efficient, all 26 routes from every node in the tree must be allowed for, and on average most of these are wasted.
  7. The encryption algorithm, nicknamed Skipjack, is intended to remain confidential, but is said to work on 64-bit blocks, like the DES algorithm, but with 32 rounds of scrambling as compared to DES's 16.
  8. The algorithm is modified, since only some set of the higher probability letters are selected as candidates to be chosen between, instead of choosing between all possible candidates.
  9. The method that restores any position in the most efficient way is called God's algorithm and seems likely to remain known only to God.
  10. It is a set of simple rules - a program or algorithm - that tells the developing organism what to do next.
  11. The traversal algorithm also allows users to specify link-type priorities.
  12. The more detail in a wire frame, the harder it is to understand Most 3D systems have a colour algorithm (steps of procedure in a program) to show separate lines.
  13. However, there is no reliable algorithm for the identification of relevant scripts, or when the new scripts should be activated, or how detailed they should be (or indeed how they could be efficiently acquired).

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