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Перевод: alias speek alias

иначе называемый; известный под именем;
вымышленное имя; псевдоним ; прозвище; кличка


  1. Even the Greatest himself, Cassius Clay, alias Muhammed Ali, who seemed to have had a highly successful career during which a minimal number of punches were landed to his head, has suffered a brain condition which it is difficult to believe is unconnected with his trade.
  2. Jean Campbell, alias Bruce , which came before the High Court in Glasgow on 17th July 1817 is of considerable interest for two reasons.
  3. It transpired that both had been betrayed by a Russian agent, Hans Geyer, who using the alias "Henry Toll" had infiltrated Gehlen's organisation and passed on all the details of his plans to Moscow.
  4. Magwitch's alias on returning illegally to England.
  5. His alias was Ebrahim Ebrahimian, a name variously mis-spelled by the players, which Secord supposed to be Turkish.
  6. Manucher Ghorbanifar, alias Ashgari, alias Nicholas Kralis, alias Nick the Greek, familiarly known as "Roddi", was a shrewd, extravagant businessman, the Iranian director of Star Shipping, a joint Iranian-Israeli concern "with heavy intelligence overtones", as Cave put it.
  7. John Harmon's alias as Boffin's secretary.
  8. El Rey , a 1:35 drum solo track featuring the explosive Watts, the sardonic Steepian Faith (written by Kirkland, with Marsalis on alto), Bud Powell's Celia (lightly la cumbre), and Kirkland's Blasphemy , both with Kirkland on electronics and with drummer Don Alias the sole accompaniment.
  9. In the thirteenth century Walter de Colaford, alias Hugh de Hareston, owned it in conjunction with Ralph de Lyneham.
  10. His alias is Owen Money.
  11. On 2 December 1793, having adopted the alias of Silas Tomkyn Comberbache, he secretly enlisted in the 15th Light Dragoons.
  12. Using the alias Frederique Bonlieu, Cabon wrote to Greenpeace claiming she shared their views, and when she arrived in Auckland on 3 April 1985 offered to work for the organisation without salary.
  13. The Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit (alias Trevor and Erika Payers) pose for the perfect shot (above) and then ride off in tandem to their reception, a distance of eight miles (left)

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