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Перевод: allocate speek allocate

предназначать; назначать; ассигновать; распределять; размещать; резервировать; бронировать (места); отчислить


  1. seeking to allocate appropriate resources;
  2. This is covered by David Robinson in Chapter 7 and it is only necessary here to emphasise the need for some of the partners (and to a lesser extent senior managers) to allocate time to financial control and administration.
  3. In all such cases the agisters received a writ of Allocate for the purposes of their account at the Exchequer.
  4. But this is to introduce a utilitarian calculus, which some may reject as a basis for choosing how to allocate resources.
  5. Whatever the causes, the resultant disillusionment with employment leads to a reappraisal, a conscious or unconscious decision to allocate less energy to careers and to concentrate on comfort and relationship goals at work, and/or to satisfy the autonomy, recognition or power goals outside of employment.
  6. The usual approach to discussion on the role of armaments in modern Marxist literature has been to allocate a third department of production specifically for such production.
  7. As Struhsaker (1969) pointed out, uncertainties and irregularities in attempts to allocate primate species to socio-ecological grades may be attributed to phylogenetic heritage.
  8. Contextual factors which increase the level of political activity are organization size, disagreement over goals or unclear goals, different perceptions of the options, different information about the same situation, the scarcity of resources and the need to allocate them, and major differences in the expectations and/or power bases of different individuals and groups.
  9. If there is plenty of space in your garden, and you have an equal amount of spare time at your disposal, it would be marvellous to allocate a large area of your garden solely to growing flowers for pressing.
  10. The success of such operations may be judged by Council's decision in 1950 to allocate five of the 45 Council seats to business members.
  11. Increasingly parents regard their contributions as interchangeable and allocate parental roles on the basis of competence, availability and equality and not simply gender.
  12. "the social workers won't allocate the case because they're short staffed - and they expect me to get Winnie moved."
  13. The President has promised to allocate 15.2 million from impending Western credits to complete construction at the Gallery.

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