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Перевод: alluvial speek alluvial

наносной; наносный; аллювиальный


  1. The alluvial tin, from the Malayan river gravels, is almost exhausted.
  2. Peaty alluvial soils characteristically have an O horizon which usually occurs at the surface but can be interbedded with freshwater alluvial sediments.
  3. On the Vistula delta the Mennonites bred black and white Friesian cattle just as their ancestors in Holland had done, and grew sugar-beet, tomatoes, rye, and a resilient variety of wheat on the rich alluvial soil.
  4. Much of this development has involved sugar-cane cultivation on sloping terrain in contrast to its confinement to flat alluvial areas prior to 1960.
  5. The strong sand and clay loams and alluvial silts of the East are more fertile than the thinner, stonier soils on the western uplands.
  6. MAREUIL-SUR-A: Belemnite chalk on the slopes beneath Mutigny, alluvial soil approaching Mareuil-sur-A itself.
  7. Often sand and gravel, but in Champagne alluvial deposits may also include chalky pebbles and concentrations of chalk debris cemented into convex banks several metres thick, and younger alluvial soils may contain chalk clay.
  8. Alluvial soils are developed on recently deposited freshwater, estuarine or marine alluvium and exhibit little profile differentiation or modification to the parent material.
  9. There was deposition in large alluvial fans stretching out from the mountains in the south and the north-east into the flat plain.
  10. Small alluvial fans occur on footslopes and have brown forest soils or humus-iron podzols developed in the coarse-textured stony deposits.
  11. The alluvial soil on which the city stood was frozen all year round but thawed a few feet down during the summer.
  12. Mineral alluvial soils have an A horizon and the effects of gleying can be present.

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