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Перевод: almighty speek almighty

всемогущий; очень сильный; ужасный;
бог ; божество


  1. They also remarked with astonishment a sort of combat between God and her without being able to determine whether God was more occupied in seeking in the secrets of his wisdom the means of exercising her by suffering than she was disposed to suffer for his love; for she showed an incredible avidity for crosses and an invincible patience over her trials and over every affliction which Almighty God sent to exercise her love and fidelity.
  2. One after another, men failed in their attempts to drive the nails, usually succeeding in bending them, so I was proud when Dad, using the skill gained over so many years at the anvil, gave his nail an almighty thump sending it through to the other side of the board.
  3. The sentiments among the majority of Northern lay presbyterians are biased towards those elements in the Westminster Confessional which are antagonistic to Roman catholic practice and belief: the evils of the papacy and priesthood and the suppression of Christian liberty, the evils of the mass and devotions to the saints, all of which combine to turn Christians to superstition and idolatry and away from almighty God and true salvation in Christ.
  4. Wee Wee Free who started an almighty row.
  5. As Myles came into view, his hat in his hand, all arrogance gone, he thought, All praise to almighty God, he's come at last.
  6. Almighty Father, we commend to Your loving care all who suffer; grant them patience.
  7. Somewhere close by there was an almighty splash, followed almost immediately by a large wave washing over them.
  8. I was for a short time privileged to share in the joy and vitality and the oneness with Almighty God in his Luo people (Anne Marie will gladly give a talk and show slides to any interested groups in the North West.
  9. One evening soon after, she goes out to the pig yard and hurls defiance against the Almighty: "Go on, call me a hog!
  10. Wiping the windscreen with his sleeve, Stanley exclaimed: "Good God almighty!"
  11. He had a better Helper, even one who is Almighty!
  12. "God Almighty!"

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