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Перевод: alphabetic speek alphabetic

азбучный; алфавитный


  1. According to Goody and Watt, the development of alphabetic script and its wide diffusion throughout society - the two criteria for "literacy" as they mean it - happened independently within Greece and were not the result of cultural borrowing.
  2. The upper substage is marked by the discovery of iron smelting and the invention of alphabetic writing.
  3. In most languages with writing systems alphabetic fingerspelling has been available for over two hundred years.
  4. The land would be used for the construction camp, but he had no doubt that there were ultimate plans to follow Lord Marshall's alphabetic progression into D and even E stations.
  5. Goody traces the development of written forms in early Greece until the point when alphabetic literacy enabled "groups of writers and teachers to take as their point of departure the belief that much of what Homer had apparently said was inconsistent and unsatisfactory in many respects" (1968, p. 46).
  6. We have already seen that, whatever doubts Goody may have about the distinction "logical'/ "pre-logical", he is still inclined to identify "general differences between literate and non-literate societies somewhat along the lines suggested by Lvy-Bruhl" (Goody, 1968, p. 44): i.e. that the idea of "logic" is connected with the growth of alphabetic culture.
  7. It was only in the days of the first widespread alphabetic culture that the idea of "logic" appears to have arisen.
  8. The reasons for the widespread development of the particular form of alphabetic literacy evident in Greece must clearly be sought in the social structure; Goody and Watt, however, insist that "considerable importance must surely be attributed to the intrinsic advantages of the Greek adaptation of the Semitic alphabet, an adaptation which made it the first comprehensively and exclusively phonetic system tor transcribing human speech" (ibid. pp. 40-;1).
  9. They mean an easy, phonetic (or rather phonemic) system such as alphabetic literacy and they think of a "literate society" as one in which such a script is widely assumed in public life, as they claim it was in sixth century Greece.
  10. This included part of the general section work, so correspondence relating to occupational pension schemes where the initial letter of the principal employer's name is in the following alphabetic ranges should in future be sent there: SF prefix 1, 7, 12, 15, 16, 18, 21, 23, 25, A, G, L, O, P, R, U, W and Y.
  11. Greece thus offers not only the first instance of this change but also the essential one for any attempt to isolate the cultural consequences of alphabetic literacy" (ibid. p. 42).
  12. Fingerspelling as it exists today consists of a direct alphabetic representation of the language as it would be written down.
  13. comprehend systems of filing and classification, including alphabetic ordering, lists of contents, indexes, symbols, etc.: the organisation, storage and retrieval of information is, again, an important language skill generally;

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