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Перевод: altar speek altar

алтарь ; жертвенник ; престол ; порог


  1. All the children blessed themselves from the fount and went straight up to the altar.
  2. Inside the church there is a plaque commemorating the baptism of Alessandro Manzoni on 8 August 1785, and a fine altar surround by Ludovico Pogliahi , who was responsible for the central doors of the Duomo.
  3. Or was it true that the Church was so short of people of stature (under the age of 73) that only one man among them had enough stature for the see of London and for that reason his scholarship must be sacrificed on the altar of a higher good?
  4. Summoning up all my courage, I entered San Esteban and its overpowering gilded Churriguera altar seemed to welcome me like a long-lost friend as I dipped my hand in the holy-water stoup at the door and knelt to pray in front of Claudio Coello's heavenly blue painting.
  5. The place where we had entered the crypt below the altar had been bricked up.
  6. We squelched across the field, finally reaching the altar, a single slate slab mounted on stones, on the side of a bank overlooking a tangle of briars.
  7. In the visionary revelation granted to him in exile on Patmos St John saw the martyrs beneath the altar crying "How long O Lord?"
  8. In the lower register, on the altar frontal, the tilted head of Lezcano leers at us while, boxed up alongside, a disembodied head and a hand are presented as relics of Queen Mariana while above Velzquez himself, palette in hand, seems to fade into a dog.
  9. Free Speech 2: Safety sacrificed at the altar of profit
  10. The divine was always there , waiting like lightning to break through the cloud, to be earthed by the conductors of worship, of the altar, the church building, the saint, alive or dead.
  11. On the right was a gap where the credence table (side table serving an altar) had stood.
  12. Even the celibate woman who cleans the altar linens, vestments and vessels, must cover her hands when she handles these sacred things, lest she pollute them by her touch.
  13. We all trooped up to the altar, behind which your Berlin friends discovered a mysterious opening.

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