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Перевод: alternator speek alternator

генератор ; генератор переменного тока; альтернатор


  1. The worst case was in July 1989 when an alternator set fell off at around 100mph at Harrow on the main line into Euston and caused a major derailment, fortunately with no more than a few injuries.
  2. Is it possible to convert it to a Series III negative earth electrical system including alternator, removing the two existing 6V batteries fitting two 12V batteries to be run off a split charging unit?
  3. The later instruments will fit with wiring modifications but need the later type alternator fitted at the same time as this provides the signal to drive the rev counter.
  4. Connect the large wire and small wire from the dynamo to the similar sized terminals on the alternator.
  5. It is possible to space the rear mounting bolt to suit the shorter unit but a more satisfactory job can be made by replacing the mounting bracket on the block with the later alternator type.
  6. After disconnecting the battery and removing the dynamo replace the dynamo with the alternator.
  7. light terminal on the alternator and the large dynamo terminal to the large output connector on the alternator.
  8. The deal, which would have gone ahead whatever the election result, is Bosch's second major investment in Britain following last year's opening of its 100m car alternator plant in Cardiff.
  9. I have heard of Land Rover owners converting to negative earth alternator system.
  10. English Electric Class 37s in particular were subjected to near-total rebuilds, involving replacement of the main generator with an alternator, regeared CP7 bogies, and in some cases Ruston or Mirrlees power unit, electric-heat generator, or ballast weights added to provide extra adhesion for particular freight work.
  11. Use the wiring loom fitted to the later IIa These were negative earth and will fit your vehicle As this has a dynamo system replace with an alternator Connect the two A terminal wires to the F terminal wire on the regulator box wiring insulate the other wires and tape up Connect the small terminal wire on the loom to the warning
  12. Mark eliminates starter motor, battery, alternator, and ignition coil, and fixes in the end on an obscure switch which isolates the electrics from the gearbox and would have taken me a month to find - but, for the man who can, about three minutes.

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