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  1. The practical empiricist is the person who knows where to slap the television set to cure it of flicker, the little dodge that stops the Yorkshire pudding from being flat, the combination of household ingredients (a teaspoonful of salt, a teaspoonful of baking powder in a pint of boiling water in an aluminium container) which cleans the tarnish off silver.
  2. The 1987-;9, FoE- Observer tapwater survey found 154 water supply areas with aluminium at above the EC level of 200 ug/litre (0.2 mg/litre).
  3. In October 1989, after four years of dispute, the European Commission finally began its legal attack on the UK for allowing excess nitrate in the water supply of Norwich and Redbridge, and for illegal levels of bacteria and aluminium elsewhere.
  4. The chemical composition of clay may differ in major elements, like aluminium, iron, sodium or calcium, or in the minor or trace elements present at very low concentrations, such as chromium, uranium, barium or lanthanum (one of the rare earths).
  5. We all know that fluoride is added to fight tooth decay but modern toothpaste also contains powdered chalk, aluminium oxide (found in cement) to remove plaque, and a derivative of seaweed which is used to thicken it.
  6. These are thought by researchers to be the result of low calcium and magnesium and high aluminium in the brain.
  7. Aluminium cleaners : There is a wide range of products formulated specifically for cleaning aluminium cladding and vehicle bodies.
  8. Timber aluminium fold-up loft ladders, space-saving staircases
  9. This treatment concentrates aluminium in the blood, and the anaemia, bone disorders and dementia that result from aluminium poisoning all respond to a reduction in aluminium levels in the dialysis water.
  10. Though it was not the first hostile bid - Charles Clore and Isaac Wolfson beat it by several years - the aluminium battle was a prototype for future bids in which a buyer made an offer to the shareholders of a listed firm against the wishes of its managers.
  11. He thinks that the magic ingredient is silicon: a relative deficiency of silicon in soft water lets aluminium concentrations build up, especially under the conditions produced by acid rain.
  12. To make an aluminium can from recycled material uses only 5% of the energy required to make a "new" can.
  13. Calcium plumbate primer can also be used on galvanised iron, but zinc chromate or zinc phosphate is used on aluminium alloys.

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