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Перевод: arc speek arc

арка ; свод ; изгиб ; дуга ; радуга ; электрическая дуга;
образовать дугу


  1. Then start again with a slow rhythm, breathing and seeing the breath flow through the lungs and over its arc back to the diaphragm.
  2. Meanwhile the wipers worked at different speeds, and one travelled in a shorter arc than the other.
  3. The crowd had swollen to about 70 by now, standing in a respectful arc, as if the stage was protected by a sci-fi forcefield.
  4. Delaney paused, then came to stand beside Lawton, watching as the latter swung the radio direction finder in a small arc.
  5. Perturb the arc data for the coverages, preserving polygon topology;
  6. "Who do you think you are, Joan of Arc?
  7. The Australian company plans to carry out a Hanson-style break-up of ARC America.
  8. But the accepted value of the solar radius, 959-;63 seconds of arc, is based on 19th-century observations, and became enshrined in the text books at a time when the Sun was close to a minimum of the 76-year cycle.
  9. Copernica, his first in the US, did likewise, and Dream Dancer, a Group 1 winner in France that year, has since become the sire of last year's Arc winner Suave Dancer.
  10. It is also consistent with the data on transits of Mercury that Parkinson's team used as evidence for the constancy of the solar radius; according to their data any change has to be smaller than 0.15 seconds of arc per century.
  11. Ewan Beg swung a huge claymore's massive blade like a willow wand in sweeping figures-of-eight to clear a twelve-foot-wide arc.
  12. Whirling her long, powerful arms, with the last of her strength, she flung the gun in a great arc, so that it sailed up, high above Doyle's head.
  13. French Glory, who deprived Nashwan of second in the Niel, has the assistance of Pat Eddery, who will be trying for a record fifth Arc win.

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