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арабский; аравийский;
арабский язык


  1. Now, it was suggested that Mr X's alleged subnormality did not seem consistent with a lifestyle that involved successful gambling in London clubs at a complicated card game called Kalooki, savings of 30 000, and familiarity not just with English and French but with Hebrew and Arabic as well.
  2. Around his neck is a gold, Sphinx-head pendant and on his right hand a ring in the shape of the Arabic crescent moon and star.
  3. In the Sudan, apart from the increased extent of sand dunes along the Nile, El-Karouri (1986) reports a decline in sorghum production, a staple food, from in 1961 to in 1973 in the Kardofan region as well as similar declines in maize and millet productivity and a reduction in gum arabic production due to the exploitation of Acacia senegal for fuel and clearance.
  4. Far easier, as they are normally written in either European, or more probably Arabic numerals (which are read from right to left), and conform to one of three calendar systems.
  5. The proposed system works the same way as summer E grades, with a Roman numeral (I-X etc) encompassing the overall difficulty of the route including seriousness, protection, sustainedness and length, and an Arabic numeral (1-;10 etc) to reflect the technical difficulty of the hardest pitch or crux sequence.
  6. He was later to become owner of a Beirut company that dubbed educational films and translated technical books into Arabic.
  7. In Persian uses of Arabic script, for instance, words are distinguished from each other by the forms the letter takes at the beginning, middle or end of a word but there are no particular conventions for indicating where a sentence begins and ends.
  8. Must be fluent in spoken and written Arabic and English.
  9. Indeed, it was the Moors who gave him the title by which he is best known, a contraction of the Arabic sid-y , meaning "my lord".
  10. In the law courts, the French language was given equal precedence with Arabic.
  11. He says that he learned most of his Arabic in prison.
  12. He wrote his prose poems originally in Arabic and they have now been translated into more than 20 other languages.
  13. ("Fluent in English, French, Turkish and Arabic, the President has represented his country in the United Nations.

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