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Перевод: Arcadia speek Arcadia

[имя собственное]


  1. There is a large car park and admission to the walk is granted on payment of a small charge, whereupon visitors pass through a gateway into Arcadia.
  2. May organisations take part in this annual event, including Canadian Clubs, British and American Clubs, Scottish/American Clubs and many more to honour the young men who dies while serving at Flying Training Schools at Riddle Field, Clewiston and Carlstrom Field, Arcadia.
  3. Next year is National Trust Gardens Year and the series is taking a suitably horticultural theme: English Garden Style , John Sales, Chief Gardens Adviser (14 January); Stourhead Garden - The English Arcadia , Dudley Dodd, Deputy Historic Buildings Secretary (21 January); Garden Plants from the High Himalaya , Tony Schilling, Deputy Curator of Wakehurst Place (28 January); Biddulph Grange - The Restoration of a Victorian Garden , Keith Goodway, garden historian and botanist (4 February); Restoring and Designing Garden Features , Paul Edwards, landscape architect, writer and journalist (11 February); The Victorian Walled Garden , Peter Thoday, presenter of the BBC's Victorian Garden series (18 February); Other People's Gardens , Norman Painting OBE, garden enthusiast and Phil Archer of the BBC's The Archers (25 February); Alec Clifton-Taylor Memorial Lecture: Four Centuries of Gardening at Chatsworth , The Duchess of Devonshire (4 March).
  4. The War Against Women by Marilyn French Hamish Hamilton, 9.99 Backlash: The Undeclared War Against Women by Susan Faludi Chatto Windus, 9.99 Arcadia by Jim Crace Jonathan Cape, 14.99 "THE sisterhood at the top of British publishing should be collectively ashamed of itself," pronounced Richard Gott in The Guardian, in protest at the simultaneous publication of two more "tendentious feminist tracts by famous American writers".
  5. The arrangements for the service were made by the Rotary Club of Arcadia, the service being held at the graveside of the British Plot in Oak Ridge Cemetery.
  6. The Mani above all is not cosy; this is no man's dream of Arcadia.
  7. Gervase Jackson-Stops has also come to the aid of Stowe, with An English Arcadia 1600-; 1990 , an exhibition of designs and watercolours of gardens in the care of the National Trust which opens in the USA next year.
  8. Descriptions of vegetation locate the poem not in Arcadia, but in England.
  9. Who was I to be taking on a contender like Thomas Carter, a management consultant and the owner-occupier of a 500,000 property set in the accessible Arcadia of Boars Hill?
  10. Other members of the group shift awkwardly at this picture of Arcadia in Southall, until an economist announces coldly that "it is axiomatic that anything the state does it does worse than the private sector."
  11. That was the time when I stood in all that fluid with my boots on, a priceless carpet under my feet, hounds never seen on the earth before lying still and obedient before me, staring out of that maternal portico with its flanking columns, down the long avenue of limes that lead to birth, life and Arcadia.
  12. Arcadia, Jim Crace's poetic allegory of urban life, split the critics right down the middle.
  13. Deep within such essentially non-economic thinking is an image of a bucolic arcadia where demands and ambitions are simple and limited, the Amish of Pennsylvania on an international scale, but with railways and EC directives on pollution.

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