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Перевод: archer speek archer

стрелок из лука; лучник


  1. Mr Archer publicly signals his confidence in the Tory Party - though, judging by the stake, without any great hope of enriching himself, or any risk of alarming his bank manager.
  2. If I'd been the archer, I thought, I would have been waiting in position, crouched and camouflaged, endlessly patient, arrow notched on bow.
  3. Professor Zeitung has delved into Jeffrey Archer's childhood to explain why he writes the way he does, and comes up with an extraordinary finding - Jeffrey Archer never had a childhood!
  4. The archer had to be someone who knew I was going to go back for Gareth's camera.
  5. Yet he, the archer, might have gone back there to check again after all and if he had he would know I was alive, but he would never find me where I was now, deep in impenetrable shadow along a path he couldn't follow in the dark.
  6. The warm-up for this is conducted by Jeffrey Archer, the optimist and sprite.
  7. I didn't want to see the face of the archer.
  8. The slump in insurance rates in the shipping and aviation market has hit the financial results of Lloyd's underwriting group, A J Archer, for the second year running.
  9. Archer is lamentably underrated as a writer by the literati, but future critics will see in his work a detailed analysis of politics in our time.
  10. Yet, as Dr Archer explains, the uncontrolled bleeding of women has a negative value.
  11. THE Prime Minister, Jeffrey Archer, Sylvester Stallone and Rod Stewart are among those lined up to appear on the Wogan chat show as part of BBC TV's 82 million line-up of programmes for the new year.
  12. Thatcher, Archer and Stallone lined up for BBC's Wogan shows.
  13. Archer, whose earnings per share in the year to September climbed from 15.6p to 17.1p, raised its final dividend from 4.25p to 5p.

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