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Перевод: Aries speek Aries

[имя собственное]
Овен [астр.]


  1. In fact, you can argue and remonstrate until you are blue in the face but certain plans or arrangements cannot be progressed just yet and you must simply sit tight and wait for the Full Moon in Aries on the 14th before making any drastic changes or decisions.
  2. ARIES
  3. Harry, the Taurean just loves his food, Smudge (Aries) is always on the go, Pepper is an indecisive Libyan dog, and Toffee (Cancer) a home-loving, sensitive soul.
  4. Home and family matters are on your mind now, Aries and love and home life will be closely connected.
  5. Adam is said to have been the herald of the Taurean Age (the age of the bull which gives life), while Abraham began the Age of Aries (sacrificing the ram instead of his son).
  6. An Aries, she noticed, hot blooded and impulsive - great.
  7. Aries (March 21-;April 20)
  8. Penny is on line for your Aries year ahead on 0839 444 561.
  9. Aries Mar 21-;Apr 20
  10. Aries
  11. But what really seems to hurt and rankle you most at the moment is the behaviour and attitude of a friend or close companion - and no doubt the Full Moon in Aries on the 14th will prove challenging and even emotionally upsetting.

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