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последователь Аристотеля


  1. There is a tendency of protagonists of the computational theory of mind to boast that they are restoring the Aristotelian emphasis on cognition and thought, and unseating Descartes' modernist emphasis on consciousness.
  2. Farmers, sailors, and chemists get by perfectly well on the basis of everyday experience, without recourse to Aristotelian logic.
  3. The important thing about form, in either the Platonic or Aristotelian senses, is that forms are the sort of things that can be thought, or apprehended intellectually.
  4. The Aristotelian talk of definitions "does not reveal nature to us, but only does the same as the man who promised to discover a treasure and then says "look where it is hidden and you will find it."
  5. Neither Aristotelian logic nor sense-experience can get us it.
  6. It can still be said, he suggests, "that there are some things capable of being known, though they are still not ones that can be known with an Aristotelian knowledge, but only experientially, or according to appearances".
  7. In general terms, Bacon and Hobbes accept the Aristotelian idea that scientific understanding involves knowledge of causes.
  8. Justin came from Nablus in Palestine to Ephesus where, according to his own account (which may not be plain prose), he studied with teachers of several different schools - Stoic, Aristotelian, Pythagorean, Platonist - expecting from the last named not only clarity for his mind but light for his soul.
  9. Aristotelian logic does not provide any basis for such knowledge.
  10. Gassendi's suspicion of the Aristotelian account is evident from his Exercises , and his study of Epicurean philosophy provided him with an alternative.
  11. To begin with, we have no need, he argues, of Aristotelian logic, and are not helped by it.
  12. According to the Aristotelian picture, scientia , or knowledge proper, is knowledge of what is necessary and cannot be otherwise.
  13. In particular, the idea of space was transformed from the Aristotelian conception - a "tidy arrangement of a simple multiplicity of things, not unlike, let us say, the shipping department of SearsRoebuck-- into "a matrix for infinite potential complexities and states and tensions".

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