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Перевод: Arizona speek Arizona

[имя собственное]
Аризона [геогр.]


  1. WHEN a lightning storm stopped the transmission of a televised debate between Arizona's two candidates for governor, Fife Symington and Terry Goddard, locals joked that even God was disgusted by Arizona politics.
  2. RCT, based in Arizona, is a non-profit making trust fund, and has much the same relationship with US academic institutions as BTG has with UK ones.
  3. The only other iron meteorite known to contain diamonds, also in clumps with lonsdaleite, is Canon Diabolo, a huge mass of metal which shattered into hundreds of shrapnel-like fragments during the impact at enormous velocity and which excavated the I.2-km diameter Meteor Crater in northern Arizona.
  4. Stephen Buchmann is an adjunct professor of entomology at the University of Arizona, Tucson.
  5. Strong observational backing from scientists at the University of Arizona shows that a wave of gravitational energy sweeps through the gas clouds in the galaxy, with a mass at least one-thousand times that of our Sun.
  6. Arizona law demands that the victor receive over 50%, so a run-off will be held on February 26th.
  7. Got as far as a Smegma, Arizona, where the left front wheel on my truck decided it was time for a vacation.
  8. Even before these upsets, Arizona was in the political dog house because its voters decided to cancel the Martin Luther King holiday.
  9. Neil Glenny is president of Confacs Corporation, a company in Phoenix, Arizona, that diagnoses and administers the industry's RFI complaints.
  10. "In areas of the US such as Arizona they spend a lot of money making sure the product is moved off the shelf within three to five days or brought back."
  11. This had included work on docks in London and New York, on canals in Arizona, and railways in Hungary and India.
  12. Phoenix Art Museum, Arizona.
  13. Like Massachusetts and Arizona, two other free-borrowing states whose credit is barely investment-grade, it will probably have to pay at least one percentage point more on new bonds than highly rated states.

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