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Перевод: arbitrariness speek arbitrariness

произвольность ; самоуправство


  1. His blessing always comes as a surprise, and can be recognized by its very "arbitrariness" and seeming absurdity.
  2. In Brian McHale's model, from the arbitrariness of the signs results an epistemologic anxiety for modernism, which seeks new forms to engage with a problematic, fugitive, but still reachable external reality.
  3. The anthropological excursion which they undertook was there to show the arbitrariness, the contextual, relative nature of these concepts.
  4. This property, which Monod calls "gratuity", is analogous to the arbitrariness of the genetic code, discussed on p. 19.
  5. By insisting on the arbitrariness and narrowness of gender roles, and that they are socially ascribed rather than naturally given, Orton expresses a central motif in the sexual politics of that time.
  6. But it also works as a political metaphor about the whimsical arbitrariness of autocracy with the architects first working under strict supervision and then being granted an illusory whiff of freedom.
  7. This was to be demonstrated in the same way as the arbitrariness of capital relations of production by showing that in totally different systems the family was totally different.
  8. There was the revulsion at the fluidity of life and the first tube of paint, the revulsion at the meticulousness of painting with a brush and the first pot of paint, the revulsion at the viscousness of paint and the first readymade, the revulsion at the arbitrariness of the readymades and the first use of glass.
  9. Immersion in a foreign language environment, confrontation with an alien, yet apparently self-consistent, effective system of words, confirms the sense of arbitrariness in the relation of signifier and signified, encouraging the nature of language and representation to install themselves, self-reflexively, as subjects of enquiry within fiction.
  10. Having pointed out the peculiarity and arbitrariness of this notion he then assumes that, in other systems, the relation of man to his material environment is visualized differently .
  11. In the arbitrariness of their actions, in their trivial comic act of cowardice, lust and vengeance, as much as in the sheer ridiculousness of history, lie the seeds of desperation and heartbreak.
  12. Demonstrating the arbitrariness of the emergency regulations, she was granted a passport in June this year so that she could head a UDF delegation which met Margaret Thatcher and President Bush.
  13. David Lodge was one; in his inaugural lecture as Professor of Modern English Literature at Birmingham in 1976 he slid from the supposed arbitrariness of language as defined by Saussure to the way in which the masterpieces of modernist literature emphasized form rather than content.

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