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Перевод: arbitration speek arbitration

третейский суд; арбитраж ; скупка ценных бумаг для перепродажи


  1. Grant Metropolitan's Inntrepreneur lease already provides for independent arbitration but rents are still considered excessive by many tenant leaders.
  2. O. M. Honor pointed out that even if an (informal) arbitration concluded in my favour, if I later become convinced that my original claim was mistaken I should acknowledge the claim of the other litigant rather than rely on the arbitrator's decision.
  3. Time off for carrying out trade union activities may require some interpretation, The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) has published a code of practice on this subject, "Time off for Trade Union Duties and Activities", which is available from HMSO and other booksellers.
  4. Arbitration
  5. If this cannot be done, you are entitled to take advantage of a Scheme of Arbitration devised by the Association of British Travel Agents and administered independently by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.
  6. The guidance says that Kenneth Clarke, the Health Secretary, "is minded" to go for Japanese-style pendulum arbitration - where the arbiter would be free only to find for one party or the other, and would not be able to compromise.
  7. International arbitration is no more a transfer of sovereignty than private arbitration is an ousting of the jurisdiction of the courts.
  8. 23.2 Should no settlement of disputes or differences be achieved by negotiation, the Parties shall submit their dispute or difference to an arbitration tribunal before bringing this dispute before a court of law, provided that arbitration is not contrary to the imperative law of the country whose law is applicable.
  9. Another point put forward in favour of arbitration is its lower cost; in litigation the costs can be considerable.
  10. If you elect to seek redress under this Scheme, written notice requesting arbitration under this Scheme must be made within 9 months after the scheduled date of return from holiday (only in exceptional circumstances may it be offered outside this period).
  11. Two cases have been referred to arbitration, up to six more are the subject of court action.
  12. If he is so right in offering the ambulance staff 6.5 per cent, if the ambulance staff are so unreasonable in rejecting it, what has he got to be so afraid of in going to arbitration which would end this dispute this afternoon?
  13. Some of those caught up in investment bond income schemes (see Information Circular, June 1991) have the right to go to FIMBRA's Consumer Arbitration Scheme, where any award against the broker is legally binding.

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