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Перевод: arbitrator speek arbitrator

третейский судья; арбитр


  1. One deal with Shell and Exxon to develop a 1 billion liquid-natural-gas project was put in doubt when the foreign partners, wary of the politicians, insisted that an independent arbitrator, not Congress, must settle disputes.
  2. O. M. Honor pointed out that even if an (informal) arbitration concluded in my favour, if I later become convinced that my original claim was mistaken I should acknowledge the claim of the other litigant rather than rely on the arbitrator's decision.
  3. The Am386 is covered by an award from a court-appointed arbitrator, which gave AMD a "permanent, royalty-free non-exclusive, non-transferable worldwide right under any and all Intel copyrights, patents, trade secrets and maskwork rights contained in the current reverse-engineered 80386 family of microprocessors" as a remedy for Intel's breach of the technology exchange agreement between the two companies.
  4. He also believed that the proprietor should be the arbitrator of how the proposals operated, but that this would not undermine the role of the Press Council as final arbitrator.
  5. The king is the final arbitrator who serves as a final court of appeal and as a source of pardon.
  6. The KSA will also act as an independent arbitrator if complaints are made against a member company.
  7. The company, relying on the arbitration clause, argued that the action should be stayed until the case had been heard by an arbitrator.
  8. In such cases, the official acting on behalf of the contestant may approach the arbitrator directly.
  9. Because the arbitrator is meant to decide on the basis of certain reasons, the disputants are excluded from later relying on them.
  10. The abbot of Conques travelled there with his knights and vassals, to put his case before the chosen arbitrator, a certain Bernard.
  11. Note that there is no reason for anyone to restrain their thoughts or their reflections on the reasons which apply to the case, nor are they necessarily debarred from criticising the arbitrator for having ignored certain reasons or for having been mistaken about their significance.
  12. Mrs Thatcher has a clear view of her role as Prime Minister and sees herself as an activist rather than an arbitrator in Cabinet disputes or a spokesman for a collective Cabinet view.
  13. Through most of its existence, the Council has viewed itself as a slightly pettifogging, rather legalistic arbitrator.

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