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Перевод: arboretum speek arboretum

древесный питомник; дендрарий


  1. The roots and branches of the Suez war require an arboretum of their own.
  2. The gardens include an American Arboretum, and a semi-circular gallery presenting the vigorous forms and primitive designs of American Folk Art.
  3. She followed the old route, through the walled garden at The Tamarisks to the path that curled down the cliffs to the five-acre plateau on which the Villa stood at the centre of an arboretum.
  4. The second sumach, R trichocarpa, stood by the lake in the arboretum and was already ablaze in the most brilliant scarlet.
  5. And when she did at last enter the music room - through the door from the arboretum - she found herself a seat at the back, at the end of a row.
  6. A visit to the Westonbirt Arboretum with its 13,000 trees and shrubs is always a sight for sore eyes.
  7. It became the National Arboretum for Northern Ireland.
  8. This is an area of open parkland with mature trees with a lake and arboretum containing a collection of young maples and oaks.
  9. The arboretum was known simply as the Park, and was open to the public.
  10. White has been at the arboretum for 14 years and observes that the best autumn colour often comes after the worst summers.
  11. Nothing is simpler than the question "Why do trees change colour?" says John White, the Forestry Commission's dendrologist at Westonbirt Arboretum in Gloucestershire.
  12. He was a great expert, founder of the arboretum at Westonbirt nearby, and he filled every vista with a dazzling display of ornamental and specimen trees, which the Prince has since added to.
  13. The one I saw this week at Hillier's Arboretum, Ampfield, near Winchester, was already on the turn, with leaves orange and scarlet amidst clusters of large red haws, much bigger than those you find on wild hawthorns.

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