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Перевод: arbutus speek arbutus

земляничное дерево [бот.]


  1. Acer griseum has a peeling orange red bark and the evergreen Arbutus x andrachnoides cinnamon-red.
  2. Anemone japonica, Arbutus unedo, asters, autumn crocus, chrysanthemums, helenium, rudbeckia, schizostylis.
  3. In Fothergill's garden he found Arbutus andrachne , raised from seeds sent by Russell from Aleppo in 1754 and to flower at Upton in 1766.
  4. They were given losh , the thin local bread, cold mutton cut in pieces, hard-boiled eggs taken from their shells and halved, and the fruit of the arbutus.

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