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Перевод: arcade speek arcade

пассаж с магазинами; сводчатая галерея; аркада


  1. Here, beneath the Victorian vaulted brick arches, is the Arches Craft Arcade of 22 shops complete with outdoor markets and entertainment at weekends.
  2. In this arcade adventure the aim is to collect the correct objects and drop them in the right place at the right time.
  3. Flickscreen arcade adventures seem to be two a penny on the C64, and really have to be something special to stand out.
  4. The conversion from the big screen went well: the programmers were able to capture the boredom perfectly in the form of an insipid flickscreen arcade adventure.
  5. "Top class show jumping will again be a feature in the lovely Bramham amphitheatre together with many of the annual attractions which include the country fair and another well presented shopping arcade".
  6. The first part, on the promenade, was not so bad as the last lap up into the town centre where all the local talent was collected round the cinema and amusement arcade or merely loafing about the pavement.
  7. Escape the mainstream - the Arches Craft Arcade is shopping with a real difference.
  8. Bernard Houssin has been appointed general manager of the Oak Hotel Group from the Arcade Hotel in Portsmouth, Hampshire.
  9. If Bob's taking "Zen Arcade" then I won't need that, but I might need a shot of "Metal Circus" - that's the one that always got me charged up"
  10. In the 1960s a man with an American accent arrived at a coastal resort in South Wales and announced that he represented an American corporation which wished to purchase a leisure and amusement arcade in the town.
  11. It stands on a rusticated arcade, the windows with their mullions and transoms still have their broken triangular pediments and the bays are divided with strapwork of Mannerist design.
  12. Peacock Place, a stunning arcade of fashion and specialist shops, leads to Abington Street, a pedestrianised shopping area with all your favourite chain stores.
  13. Somewhere, in the depths of an arcade, a bingo-caller went through his lonely routine: "Come on in, ladies and gennelmen.

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