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Перевод: arcane speek arcane

тайный; скрытый; мистический


  1. Or is this perhaps a product of the over-excited brain of a middle-aged and somewhat disparaged poet, when he finds that his ignored, his arcane, his deviously perspicuous meanings, which he thought not meanings, since no one appeared able to understand them, had after all one clear-eyed and amused reader and judge?
  2. Judi had read practically everything her sister had ever written, including an uncharacteristic series of pieces on tin toy collecting, sofa beds and other arcane subjects published under a pseudonym (Angela Buonfiglia) taken from one of their father's plays.
  3. They are more sympathetic to the public perception of the audit and tend to cut through its more arcane aspects.
  4. Will my rambles be as arcane as JTR's one day?
  5. Certainly in recent years Pound's interest in mystery-cults has been more than antiquarian; in "was Erigena ours?" he asks whether the philosopher Scotus Erigena was one of the Eleusinian brotherhood, and "ours" can be given full weight - Noel Stock goes so far as to claim (op. cit. p.22) that some of the obscurity of these later Cantos is deliberate and arcane - "he writes about them as an initiate in words that are both "published and not published"".
  6. They wrote for a small range of specialist titles, some of them bright and poppy, others resoundingly self-important, and all of them perfectly arcane to anyone outside a specific, like-minded clientele.
  7. But he will delve much further for arcane and perverse factoids like her bra-size (30A) or any childhood diseases she may have had (chicken pox).
  8. The Tote's status is an arcane legal matter (akin to that of TSB before its flotation) and no-one knows who owns it or its assets.
  9. Rock "n" rail Some months before the troubles developed in East Germany, one of the world's more arcane organisations, the Ireland-German Democratic Friendship Society, announced plans to celebrate in Dublin the 40th birthday of their comrades' dictatorship in the East.
  10. Joseph O'Neill's first novel lifts the lid off the arcane world of the law and paints a wry picture of the humdrum, uninspiring existence which lies beyond the thrills and spills of the courtroom.
  11. They are not arcane but easily enjoyable.
  12. TYPOGRAPHY was once an arcane discipline, with its own system of measurement, its own language and a technology that depended largely upon pencil and paper.
  13. EXPERIENCED practitioners of the arcane "science" of "research evaluation" revealed this week yet another shortcoming in Britain's machinery of science policy.

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