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Перевод: arch.



  1. Blessed with a constituency which returned him unopposed throughout his career in the Commons, and a tenantry which presented him at his wedding with a two-foot high gold cup, it was natural that he should suppose the keystone of the political arch to be a benevolent aristocracy.
  2. Sometimes it plunged into the depths of the sea, indicating she was taking a command to the sea-gods from ZEUS; at other times a blessing from HERA would take the multi-hued arch directly to the door of a worthy mortal family.
  3. and sister of Arch.
  4. With the other thumb pad make tiny circles from the top of the arch to the inner edge of the heel.
  5. The exterior had a magnificent "west end" - two fine baroque towers bearing murals illustrative of the early history of California flanking a wide arch protecting stained-glass windows within.
  6. Is the arch, he wonders, the equivalent of Warhol's soup can, a sort of apotheosis of accepted public reality?
  7. Pump A custom fit concept using a manually inflated air bladder in the arch and collar of the shoe.
  8. Joe Longthorne pops his head round the proscenium arch on the way to his dressing room.
  9. There is plenty of clearance inside the arch.
  10. Paint the arch white, green or black.
  11. Their task had been to raid an enemy landing strip at Marble Arch, the British nickname for a vast triumphal arch erected by Mussolini in the middle of the desert to mark the border of Tripolitania.
  12. Throughout this painting I choose to work within the arch as it forms a natural frame, concentrating the eye on the activity of the light on the steps, allowing an intensity of contrast to be created.
  13. The arch of Porta Romana ai Bastioni, to give it its full title, was built in 1598 to commemorate Margherita of Austria leaving the city on her way to marry Philip III of Spain, although the ramparts into which it was fitted had been erected half a century before.

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