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  1. The sculpture is the "Hope Dionysus", a first-century BC Roman replica of a monumental Greek statue of a standing Dionysus with his arm resting on an archaistic female goddess, thought to be Aphrodite-Spes.
  2. But while the melancholy air and the mannered, somehow archaistic appearance of much of the work of his so-called "blue period" remind one of some of Gauguin's painting, it was not until several years later, in the work executed during the year preceding the Demoiselles, that Picasso's work became bolder and more direct, in some cases one might justifiably say more primitive, in appearance.
  3. Alternatively gold lent itself as an inlay for enriching objects made from bronze or silver, such as the famous lion-hunt dagger from Mycenae or the bronze artefacts of Zhou China or the archaistic metal vessels of the Song dynasty.

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