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  1. But Maria Theresia was sufficiently impressed to present the family with a stylish set of court clothes: Nannerl's was the court dress of an archduchess, of white brocaded taffeta, richly ornamented, while Wolfgang received a lily-coloured suit with broad gold trimmings.
  2. A Hapsburg Archduchess, travelling to take her four poodles for a Parisian clipping, had them fed three times a day on milk calf fried in Normandy butter.
  3. The Mozarts' second visit to Vienna began in September 1767, coinciding with the planned festivities for the marriage of the Archduchess Maria Josepha to King Ferdinand of Naples.
  4. She was not accorded the title of archduchess, nor could she appear with her husband as an equal in public.
  5. Joining B. A. Morel and W. Griesinger in 1867 in a consultation of eminent European alienists to assess the mental state of the (Habsburg) Archduchess Charlotte, empress of Mexico, he became an honorary member of the Imperial Society of Physicians of Vienna and the Medico-Psychological Society of Paris.
  6. In early 1186 the governor-general of the Netherlands visited Vienna with his wife, the Archduchess Christine, sister of the emperor.
  7. In September 1767 Leopold took his family once more to Vienna, where festivities were in preparation for the wedding of an archduchess.
  8. Sadly the Archduchess died during a smallpox epidemic before the wedding took place.

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