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  1. The Robina who's dancing with the Archduke goes on dancing, whirling.
  2. I'm dancing with an enamoured Archduke.
  3. Also a singular evocation of Franz Mesmer and the young Mozart playing their glass harmonica at the court of the Archduke in Vienna, full of sounds and strange airs, excellently conceived and embodied.
  4. One particularly good comment at the time, much appreciated by everyone - except the recipient I assume - was the card that read Arciduca 6 1 0 , translated as "Archduke VI, you (one) are nothing".
  5. He had a host of admirers up and down the country, including such subscribers as His Majesty's Library, and figures such as H. R. H. The Prince Regent, the Archduke of Austria, Lord Dalhousie, Lord Clifford, the Rt.
  6. The beginning of the third movement of the Ninth Symphony, or the third movement of the Archduke Trio would be appropriate .
  7. One such affront, to the Archduke of Austria, later cost him his freedom and caused him to suffer a long imprisonment from which he was only freed at huge expense - much of which was raised by his neglected kingdom of England.
  8. So the years rolled by until the day the Archduke Ferdinand's carriage was accidentally halted in a street in Serajevo.
  9. The collection was inherited via the Duke of Modena by the Austrian line of the Este family, ending up with Archduke Franz Ferdinand who transferred the collection to his castle at Konopit.
  10. The second visit, to Milan, from August to September 1771, was occasioned by a commission from Empress Maria Theresa to compose a work for the marriage of her son, Archduke Ferdinand, to Princess Maria Beatrice Ricciarda of Modena - Ascanio in Alba, a dramatic serenata.
  11. The pros and cons of which financial saviour should be favoured - a bid led by the American company Sikorsky, or a European consortium including British Aerospace - need not concern us here, because to dwell unduly upon them would be like treating the assassination of an archduke in Sarajevo as the cause rather than the trigger for the First World War.
  12. On 2nd June 1914, The Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, were assassinated by a Bosnian Serb and that triggered a series of events that led to the outbreak of war on 4th, August 1914 - the war that became known as The Great War.
  13. Some of these came from the Duke of Buckingham's important collection, bought at auction in 1648 by the archduke Leopold Vilm, brother of the emperor.

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