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  1. The docks site is not the only one to reveal a rich fund of archeological finds.
  2. We are pleased to include details of the programme of our sister society, the South West Shropshire Historical and Archeological Society (SWSHAS).
  3. You pay a small fee for board and lodging, and then find yourself doing things as varied as archeological digs in the West Country or maintaining the duckeries at Leeds Castle.
  4. DAVID MILES/Oxford Archeological Unit
  5. From the Charter Year celebratons it was clear that there was much interest in local history/archeology and this culminated in the formation of the South West Shropshire Historical and Archeological Association (S.W.S.H.A.S.) in 1988.
  6. The South-West Shropshire Historical and Archeological Society is already doing a good job in recording the history of the area, especially that which is in living memory, or only one or two generations removed.
  7. An archeological dig.
  8. PAUL BOOTH Oxford Archeological Unit
  9. Captain Humphreys' company Marine Archeological Recovery Ltd has retrieved items from June 1988 onwards and has been consigning items for sale at auction since that date.
  11. The event was staged jointly by the South-West Shropshire Historical Archeological Society (SWSHAS) and the Bishop's Castle Railway Society.
  12. The 1400-feet of sausage casing needed for the project were donated to the owners of the documents the Yorkshire Archeological Society (YAS) by a Scottish sausage skin manufacturer.

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