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Перевод: archery speek archery

отряд стрелков из лука; стрельба из лука


  1. These include birds of prey flying demonstrations, morris dancing, archery tournaments and car rallies, to name but a few.
  2. There is also a wide range of sporting activities to enjoy: a gymnasium with the latest fitness and toning equipment, dance and relaxation classes, indoor swimming pool, sauna, steam rooms, plunge, whirl and splash pools, archery, tennis, cycling, croquet.
  3. Soccer and football enthusiasts travel across continents to follow and support their teams, and there arc countless organized holidays on which the client can learn any sport from archery to flotilla sailing and wind surfing.
  4. Archery seems to have been a minor technique, for men armed with swords and spears and carrying only twelve arrows could hardly be termed "archers" in the later medieval sense of a specialised separate force of skilled bowmen used as a collective weapon in their right.
  5. There was a small gymnasium, squash and archery for Richard to choose from at the Club, and just down the road he could go windsurfing or waterskiing, whilst I lazed with the other guests.
  6. There's archery on-site too as well as a simulated parachute jump.
  7. Archery: English will miss S African golds.
  8. There is sailing, windsurfing, archery, mini-golf and all these pursuits are free of charge - so it is a pity not to make use of them when you have the opportunity.
  9. Tel: 0364 52511 Activities on offer: climbing, canoeing, orienteering, lightweight camping, archery, rifle shooting, obstacle courses, simulated parachute jump.
  10. This suite of indoor sports facilities caters for a wide range of sports and recreational activities including archery, basketball, fencing, martial arts, badminton, table-tennis, netball, indoor soccer, indoor hockey, indoor tennis, and keep-fit.
  11. The council has asked the Grand National Archery Association to stop its member counties from holding "postal shoots" with the Natal Archery Society.
  12. The heroines of such ballets go hunting, practise archery, play lutes or mandolins, dance appropriate period dances and generally behave "as to the manner born in aristocratic surroundings".

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