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Перевод: archetypal speek archetypal

первичный; исконный


  1. Furthermore, some forms of dietary fibre reduce blood cholesterol, and guar gum does this even more efficiently than the archetypal fibre, wheat bran.
  2. It was the archetypal hardman upbringing, a tale of single-ends, the social, and supporting Celtic.
  3. This term, though, there is a special reason for the archetypal tight-head cornerstone of the Pontypool pack to prop on - the All Blacks.
  4. Alan Bleakley tells of some very fruitful rituals including working with archetypal images which have taken place at various stone circles in Cornwall where individuals were considerably helped by being able to tune in to the spirit of the place.
  5. He's an archetypal nice bloke who is the first to get his round in at the Blighty Bar, an after-hours drinking club which we establish on the steps of the hotel after we discover that Tokyo shuts at 10.30.
  6. If the archetypal Tory of the 1979 intake was a rent-a-quote property dealer who backed Mrs Thatcher to the death and the death penalty to the hilt, Mr Heddle can be called a sad loss to the Two Nations Tendency.
  7. These pages are intended as a guide to how the movement came about and to describe the archetypal skinhead of the 1967-;72 period.
  8. In its archetypal form it involves tuning in psychically to past lives, to artefacts hidden in the countryside and to issues not resolved in the past.
  9. ON THE fae of things, Michael Palin seems an unlikely double for the archetypal stiff upperlipped phlegmatic Englsihman Phileas Fogg, hero of Jules Verne's Around the World in Eighty Days.
  10. Calypso is a specifically Trinidadian musical form, but just as later Jamaican reggae stands as the archetypal Black music, so in this period does calypso.
  11. Here is the archetypal mid-Wales upland village, set at a confluence of river valleys among tree-lined pastures and overlooked by forested hills.
  12. The other is a political ethos which has structured the vocabulary with which economic distress can be addressed around the archetypal notion of regeneration .
  13. He looked like the archetypal respectable Victorian, with mutton chop whiskers, a top hat, a good wife, four sons, four daughters, and strong evangelical convictions.

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