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Перевод: archetype speek archetype

прототип ; образец ; оригинал


  1. The archetype of these harridans is the Glasgow clippie of c'mon gerraff fame.
  2. The observations suggested that might be the archetype of a new family of isoelectronic free radicals.
  3. Sir Henry Norris was an archetype of the old-style football club chairman, combining a slight knowledge of the game with a great deal of money to put into it, and he fitted the popular image with a walrus moustache that quivered when he was angry, and a pince-nez that had the disconcerting effect of partially obscuring the direction of his gaze.
  4. A surprising number have tales which suggest some form of "activity", almost as if they were alive, a strange thing on the surface, as stones are the archetype of solid, unmoving form.
  5. He was the noble savage, the Negro in chains, the archetype of exploited humanity, quintessential victim of the capitalist-imperialist-industrial system.
  6. In this brief review we have shown that the monomer unit, , is the archetype of a whole new family of free radicals with highly unusual properties - low or negligible intermolecular attractions, photochemical isomerisation and novel ring trapping, and complexation reactions.
  7. It was a fair archetype, representative not only of the average minister in age, but typical of many in appearance.
  8. Innovation should be the correct interpretation of the archetype, the prototype.
  9. Perhaps over the generations the interaction between a particular cultural context and the energy pattern at a place could build up a strong image or archetype.
  10. Roger Fry, archetype of the new breed of self-appointed high priests of modernism, gave voice to his philosophy in a celebrated essay, published in 1937.
  11. Benzene is a flat, 2-D molecule that is the archetype for the concept of aromaticity, first enunciated by Kekul in the 19th century, and later perfected by Huckel.
  12. Its archetype I find
  13. The archetype here is Guillaume Apollinaire, special pleader for modernism before the first World War.

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