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  1. He paid compensation to the monks by giving them ten years' revenue from an archiepiscopal estate worth 30 a year.
  2. There is an initial paradox here of some importance for the future: the monastic life which he found at Canterbury appeared to him so decayed that it needed a new beginning, yet he did not sweep it away and establish an up-to-date archiepiscopal church served by a community of secular clerks, on the pattern of Rouen or Lyons or most other cathedral churches in Europe.
  3. The archiepiscopal and clerical contribution to these reforms was very largely limited to issuing further decrees of excommunication against Gaveston, if he returned from this third exile, and against violators of the Ordinances.
  4. Oswiu's appointment of Chad to Paulinus' former bishopric at York instead of Lindisfarne represents a most important change of direction on the king's part, and his immediate dispatch of Chad to Kent suggests a desire to renew an older relationship with the archiepiscopal community there.
  5. In 1071, Lanfranc had gone to Rome for his archiepiscopal pallium.
  6. Anselm's departure contributed nothing to the solution of his own problems; it only benefited the royal treasury, to which the archiepiscopal revenues were now added.
  7. He, who had been fted in Munich, had talked with the elector and other noblemen, and been treated with the respect due to a great artist, now had to take his place in the archiepiscopal pecking-order - below the valets, and only slightly higher than the cooks.
  8. Anselm's struggle for this ideal had a central place in his pastoral conception of his archiepiscopal duties, and it requires a somewhat lengthy treatment if its place in his world-view is to be understood.
  9. The pope despatched two pallia in June 634 ( HE 11, 18), but the death of Eadwine in battle in Hatfield Chase against combined Welsh and Mercian forces, either in October 633 or more likely October 634, and the subsequent collapse of the ecclesiastical community at York with the flight of Paulinus to Kent ( HE 11, 20) (see below, p. 83 ff.), terminated this phase in the history of the church of York and arrested its development as an archiepiscopal see for a hundred years.
  10. We shall not have his own view of his archiepiscopal obligations in proper perspective unless we realize that local territorial disputes were much more likely to precipitate a final crisis than any ecclesiastical issue.
  11. It has been suggested that one reason for Eadwine's preferential treatment of the Kentish kingdom was the location there of the southern archbishopric at Canterbury, and there certainly emerged at this time a clear intention to implement Pope Gregory the Great's original plan for two archiepiscopal sees among the Anglo-Saxons.
  12. Nevertheless, the contrast between his assurance on this subject, and the somewhat sketchy framework of his opinions on matters more central to his strictly archiepiscopal duties, reveals the continuity of his personal life in the midst of the upheavals of his new responsibilities.
  13. It was in Ceolwulf's reign that the church of York finally acquired archiepiscopal status in 735.

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