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  1. The behaviour of the Archimandrite also provoked differing interpretations: Miss Logan discerned an amiable candour where Miss Fergusson saw only sly obsequiousness.
  2. Vuk's next project was a Serbian dictionary, and to help him in collecting words to include in it he made a journey to Serbia in 1816 on his way back to Vienna, calling on his old friend the archimandrite Lukian Muiki in the monastery at iatovac in the Fruka Gora.
  3. Without a word she left the Archimandrite's cell, swept from the courtyard in a manner which made three sheep instinctively follow her, and started down the mountainside.
  4. Smiling, the Archimandrite invited them to his cell, which proved to be one of the tiny dwellings built hard against the outer wall of the church.
  5. The Archimandrite continued to smile, and his mood still appeared to Miss Logan a gracious one.
  6. When the Archimandrite suggested that the two ladies might like to lodge at the monastery that night, she was briefly dismissive; when he pressed his offer of hospitality further, she was brusque.
  7. As he was conducting them across the dozen or so yards, the Archimandrite appeared to touch Miss Fergusson's elbow by way of courteous but strictly unnecessary guidance.
  8. The Archimandrite spread both hands and circled to indicate the neighbouring countryside.
  9. Then she put questions to the Archimandrite which provoked a severe apprehension in Miss Logan.
  10. The Archimandrite raised his beaker towards the women, and drank fully; whereupon his servant poured for him again.
  11. The archimandrite was rebuked by Metropolitan Stratimirovi for keeping "that blasphemer amongst your priests".
  12. Books by Carlo Carletto, Archbishop Anthony Bloom, Archimandrite Sophromy (Collins; Darton Longman Todd; Mowbrays respectively) are about prayer.
  13. Eutyches, archimandrite (or abbot) of a monastery in Constantinople, believed that in effect there was only one nature.

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