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Перевод: arching



  1. Conscious of being looked at she swung her legs and smiled faintly, twitching her shoulders and arching her neck.
  2. Fascinated with his new discovery he went on experimenting and then found he was also arching and narrowing his back.
  3. It was the triumphant and majestic application of the techniques perfected by Joseph Paxton for the Crystal Palace (1851), an arching rib-cage of iron to support a skin-covering of glass, admitting light but excluding the elements.
  4. The monarchy is the keystone which holds the arching class system in place.
  5. It starts by stamping its feet on the ground and arching its back.
  6. The two silent students looked at each other, eyebrows arching.
  7. Oh, yes, she remembered, inwardly arching her eyebrows! hmm , so you recall, do you, Jay ?
  8. "Nearly home," my wife whispered, and we emerged form the checkpoint into a dark landscape, the cold, starry sky arching above us.
  9. In spring the willow, with its arching branches, embroidered with silver female catkins, is truly a thing of beauty.
  10. From a cloud that hovered over the lake, a rainbow emerged, arching down to the water, suffusing it with fairy gold and mauve.
  11. Grevillea robusta (silk oak) has fern-like, arching foliage, tinged copper-red.
  12. Name Berberis x stenophylla "Irwinii" Common name Barberry In leaf evergreen Ideal height 2ft Clip in June Features Spiny, arching stems; orange spring flowers
  13. Cryptanthus "Pink Starlight", a widely available bromeliad, has boldly arching dark green strap-like leaves, striped deep pink and yellowy-green.

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