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архитектор ; зодчий ; творец ; создатель


  1. The name "Spanish walls" ( mura Spagnole or bastione ) commemorates the Spanish governor of Milan, Ferrante Gonzaga, who had the walls built to plans by an Italian architect, Giuntallodi.
  2. In a more combative address, Mr Yegor Gaidar, the architect of the shock therapy programme, said preconditions for rapid economic growth comparable to western Europe after the 1939-45 war had already been created.
  3. Now the architect is faced with a five-figure claim which will cost several thousand pounds to defend with no insurance company behind him.
  4. They included three vicars, of whom one doubled up as an architect; a doctor who was also a horse-breeder; a barrister; a master builder; five shopkeepers; a smallholder and packman; and - by far the largest group - ten farmers.
  5. It begins as a mock-documentary on Simon Rodia (architect of the Watts towers) and then shifts through stories-within-stories, digressions, verbal improvisations (explicitly modelled on jazz), and numerous references to the practicalities of narrating.
  6. The council's Conservation Officer interested his colleagues in the Architect's Department in investigating possible residential use of the building.
  7. The role of the Architect is to provide such a service.
  8. Rodney Karen, the affable architect in charge of the design of The Galleries, guarantees that they will have a truly urban character.
  9. The attorney they instructed to draw up a sales contract was William Repton of Aylsham, the third son of Humphry Repton, the famous landscape architect.
  10. The decoration on the monument is intended to convey the idea of Leonardo as artist, sculptor, architect and engineer.
  11. You should seek advice from an Architect, Building Surveyor or Builder.
  12. It is believed to be to a design by Il Pellegrini, although its actual construction was not until a century after the architect's death.
  13. By common consent this campanile is the finest in the city, and was built by the architect commemorated in the name of the street where the church entrance is found - Francesco Pecorari of Cremona.

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