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Перевод: architectonic speek architectonic

архитектурный; конструктивный; структурный; относящийся к систематизации науки


  1. It is placing an artificial, not to say architectonic, view on the whole work so to argue; it is to take his "mythology" too seriously, too literally; to fail to see that the "excess" was part of the message.
  2. His architectonic "torsos" are at Anne de Villepoix until 17 April.
  3. It is as if Sukenick were putting into practice the principles of what he has called the "architectonic novel" which (and he cites Raymond Federman's Double or Nothing as a prime example) works like a jigsaw puzzle: "the picture is filled out but there is no sense of development involved" (Federman 1975: 38).
  4. In these more recent paintings we become aware of both a shifting architectonic harmony and a sense of movement, or transition.
  5. The presence of such an electorally viable "anti-system" or "architectonic" party (Robertson, 1976), led by an elite which intends to use its electoral victory to force through revolutionary changes against opposition, is always likely to generate unconstitutional counter-revolutionary behaviour amongst incumbent elites the more probable such a period of transition seems to become.
  6. At Cholmondeley Hall (1693) London demonstrated his great skill in kitchen gardening, but also showed an increasing interest in architectonic episodes.
  7. Foucault notes that, at the same time as the Annales school and others were constructing a history according to the long dure , in the history of science, philosophy, and literature, attention was turning in exactly the opposite direction, that is away from vast unities towards phenomena of rupture, discontinuity, displacement and transformation, towards different temporalities as well as architectonic unities.
  8. Embracing the temporary nature of the event and its superficiality, they challenged the artists to produce environmental art with a "mediagenic dynamic" and to react in their work to three open questions: the theme park as architectonic and ideological environment for contemporary art; the "musealisation" of nature and environment; and the commercialisation of public space.

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