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  1. I stopped off at Jim Groeling's place - a fine old barn - to discuss some architectural drawings with him.
  2. His letters home to Mary, his elder sister and childhood companion, are full of the excitement of sight-seeing excursions, evenings at the theatre and opera, thrice weekly visits to the International Exhibition at Kensington, soires at the Architectural Association (in a borrowed frock coat), and his employer's splendid new offices at Adelphi Terrace, not far from the National Gallery.
  3. Your September editorial spoke out strongly against a reduction in the length of full-time architectural courses.
  4. Although the loss of the original front is regrettable, the present facade is in accord with the general architectural character of the street and retains original late-Georgian features, such as its sashes with glazing bars.
  5. Unlike some of reger's other works in this manner, this piece is economical in gesture, yet grand in its architectural conception.
  6. In terms of medical as well as architectural history, these buildings are of enormous interest, but only recently have they begun to be recognized as buildings of some value.
  7. There are thousands of buildings that despite being interesting and attractive - and perhaps important on a local scale - are not "listable" in themselves; that is to say, they are not of sufficient architectural or historic interest to merit individual protection.
  8. The only protest group was in fact called the Quantock Seaboard Defence Committee, who succeeded in obtaining the support of the architectural author Ian Nairn.
  9. It's full of historic buildings, including a marvellous cathedral and appears not to have suffered damage during World War II so that there is much architectural variety from many eras including the nineteenth and early twentieth century too.
  10. Though sadly neglected, it has retained its asymmetrical grandeur and architectural riches: crow-stepped gables, fish-scale slate roof, arched windows with hoodmoulds, two-storey loggia and stair turret
  11. The architectural and surveying professions have also amended their rules to allow competition on fees.
  12. In the early eighteenth century the Piggot family decided to modernize their humble and rambling seventeenth-century manor and called in the best local builder, perhaps from Stanford in the Vale, a rather grand village displaying much architectural refinement.
  13. It was a classic imperial response in every sense, and it is not surprising that it was to feed into Fascist Italian and German canons of architectural taste.

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