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Перевод: architecture speek architecture

архитектура ; зодчество; архитектурный стиль; структура ; строение


  1. Salzburg is not far away and is well worth a visit to see the wonderful Baroque architecture of this elegant city.
  2. Certainly its emotive possibilities go beyond obvious applications in architecture and landscaping to a structuring, by analogy, of graphics and music.
  3. Later he thought that his early affection for Fly cathedral had something to do with his interest in churches and their architecture.
  4. If we forced ourselves to think in a detached way we surely ought to be more impressed by the architecture of the caddis's eye, or of its elbow joint, than by the comparatively modest architecture of its stone house.
  5. So, the Euro-business capital lacks excitement, but the architecture's good and the food is even better
  6. Among the points it made was that the Revival was "simply the fruit of dilettante and antiquarian study", and "if thirteenth century architecture was so perfectly adapted to the circumstances of the day", it cannot therefore be so for the nineteenth.
  7. I did art right up until the end of school and have always had an interest in architecture.
  8. Scott also worked with Ruskin in 1854, when he added the chancel to the Camden Church at Camberwell, but as Ruskin turned his attention away from architecture he became scornful of Scott's efforts.
  9. FASHION (Azzedine Alaa) and architecture (Eva Jiricna) fuse in a perfect match at the new Joseph shop in London's Sloane Street.
  10. The assembly language code generation from the compiler fails to capitalise on the superb architecture of the chip and in many cases just does not produce executable code from a tried and tested C language source.
  11. A visit to Gloucester Cathedral in 1911 inspired Hardy to write this fine poem about the anonymous creator of the perpendicular style of Gothic architecture.
  12. In our view, though, every developer believes his own particular case to be unique, with "special circumstances" to consider; and every developer will seek to demolish existing listed buildings by arguing that they will be replaced by a much better piece of architecture.
  13. The Station in Architecture (2)

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