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  1. On the body of the car, on each side of the door and on what might be called the architrave, are two handles.
  2. Made up of solid pine architrave sections, inner plywood lengths which form the soffit, and supporting cross-members (left), they can be varnished to match existing skirting boards etc, (below)
  3. Behind its wreck stood a fine double door with an architrave, and behind that an elegant courtyard, its fountain and pillars and statues smashed to splinters by heavy stone shot.
  4. We were left with fitting the doors and stops, and pinning up the architrave, which matched the skirting moulding.
  5. The columns normally tapered downward, the broad end of the inverted tree trunk supporting the capital and architrave beams.
  6. The alternative is to bury an architrave switch mounting box in the wall to take the terminal connector strip, and secure the light fitting centrally over this, so that the securing screws can go into wall plugs fitted in holes, which you drill in the wall either side of the box.
  7. Hidden for centuries under plaster, the architrave of the main doorway is now revealed to be a monumental inscription from the time of the Emperor Trajan, which must have come from either the Roman baths or the imperial mint, both of which are nearby.
  8. It grew natural, and wholesome, out of the curiously emblemed architrave, and the fluids of his body were liquified pearl and amethyst.
  9. Doors are outlined in a black architrave for the same reason.
  10. If you've taken down a door leading from hall to living room, or kitchen to dining room, you may be lucky and be left with interesting architrave mouldings around doorways, but if they're plain modern ones, you'll probably rip them out with the door.
  11. Amethyst and emerald festooned the dome, topazes too, and sapphires, and emeralds, with an architrave of solid pearl.
  12. Sewell lived in a house in College, and it is pleasing to note that in 1807, 50 was set aside by the College for furnishing two ground floor rooms in his house, and for applying oil paint to floor, architrave, dado and skirting, in white, and to the walls in a light French gray.
  13. Their simple capitals support the plain beam of the architrave or epistyle, and between that and the cornice comes the frieze of triglyphs (a grooved upright over each column and each interval) and almost square metopes.

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