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  1. Here they are shown some of the paper archives in the National Geosciences Data Centre.
  2. The Hall Carpenter Archives' Lesbian Oral History Group, Inventing Ourselves: Lesbian Life Stories , Routledge, 9.99 pbk.
  3. I have since read of this liverfluke problem in histories of the war and it has now entered the archives of fact.
  4. We divided the material into six programmes which we then had to clear with the Cabinet Office under an agreement that had been made with the Broadlands Archives Trust.
  5. In "The Empire Strikes Back", the Collins Dictionary lecture of 1986, Robert McCrum talked optimistically and enthusiastically about how through its history "the English language has found some of its most vigorous expression on the lips and in the writings of people whose contribution is often barely recorded in the anthologies or the archives."
  6. Studios have been raiding network archives, and versions of everything from The Flintstones, Bewitched, The Beverly Hillbillies and Car 54, Where Are You to The Fugitive and The Saint are apparently in development.
  7. A further source of information on current events is Keesing's Contemporary Archives , which is a weekly record of world events published in a loose-leaf format and available in most libraries.
  8. The second resource is in the Department of Archives and Manuscripts, and consists of thousands of farm records, from every English county from the sixteenth century to the present.
  9. The Museum has an extensive collection of books, archives, photographs and posters relating to the history and development of railways.
  10. The New Zealand government, in its audited financial statements for the six months ended 31 December 1991, has led the way by including, for the first time, valuations for infrastructural assets such as state highways, national parks, national archives, and national library collections.
  11. Laughter from the archives
  12. In July of 1982, during the Israeli siege of west Beirut, I had myself prowled through the archives to try and discover the political roots of the Lebanese Phalange, Israel's latest ally in its war against the Palestinians.
  13. Last year Archives of Environmental Health, an American science journal, published analyses of 31 mineral-water brands.

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