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Перевод: archly speek archly



  1. "Mmmm" said Georgie archly.
  2. From their balconies, the Christian Lebanese threw rose water and rice at the Syrians, a phenomenon which we journalists archly described as "a traditional Arab greeting".
  3. The waiter, when he came, archly avoided looking at Masha.
  4. "Well, my conscious is clear," Miss Pinkney said archly.
  5. Yet hefty chunks of dialogue are obviously - and rather archly - staged.
  6. Every feminist critic has encountered the archly disingenuous question: "What exactly is feminist criticism?"
  7. "Guess what?" she said archly.
  8. "Didn't you notice?" he smiled archly.
  9. Directed by Val May, this archly absorbing escapade also features Deborah Watling (Emma Kent), and Rowland Davies as the police inspector with an eye for apprehension.
  10. His father looked at Madeleine archly.
  11. "I'm young," she said archly.
  12. She smiled archly.
  13. "We had noticed!" said Elinor archly and, shaking out her black hair behind her, she placed the toothbrush, emphatically, in the plastic cup and marched out of the bathroom.

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