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Перевод: archon speek archon

архонт ; властитель


  1. There was apparently still a majority in the Assembly who saw with anxiety the prospect of power going back into the hands of the gentry, the chief men in the old clans; and against the Archon and his supporters the measure was carried.
  2. There was now no time to lose; and at first light the war archon Kallimachos, advised by Miltiades, led out his armoured force perhaps 10,000, including some 600 from brave Plataia, a Boiotian city which Athens had protected against Thebes - to attack the Persians in their position a mile away.
  3. Isagoras the Archon cried that this was revolution; and he appealed to his friend Kleomenes to come back and restore order.
  4. It could be represented as democratic, opening the chance of office to modest land-owners and not only to the well known; also it would take the archon ships out of politics, eliminating the elections, which had often been fierce.
  5. Archon in 489 was Aristeides the Just, also an old supporter of Kleisthenes, and a general at Marathon.
  6. He had a reputation as a soldier, he was irretrievably committed against Persia, as a rebel; and it is a reasonable guess that influence was exerted for him by the archon Themistokies.
  7. Each tribe provided a regiment for the army, and new officers, the Generals, were elected to command them under the War Archon.
  8. Although the aristocratic hold on the traditional offices and institutions such as the council of the Areopagus and the office of Archon continued, power shifted to the council and the assembly.
  9. In his time the year was usually indicated by the name of an official, for example at Athens the first archon and at Sparta the first ephor.
  10. But there was already a sign that public opinion was changing; for the archon elected that same spring stood for no surrender.
  11. But even more impressive was their initial defiance of their own Archon backed by the prestige of a king of Sparta.
  12. Finally, the new limitation on the first-instance jurisdiction of the archons is not likely to have replaced the old system at a stroke; a decree for Phaselis (ML 31 -Fornara 68) in which an archon still has substantive powers could thus date from a little after 462 - but not much.
  13. Hadrian served as archon (chief magistrate) of the city four years before he became emperor.

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