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Перевод: archway speek archway

проход под аркой; сводчатый проход; арка


  1. By then Cameron's mind was rousing itself from shock, there were many things he wanted to say to James, but the moment they stepped down under the massive archway of the prison they were hustled in opposite directions.
  2. Miss Harder was a spinster in her early fifties who ran a small tobacconist's shop in London's Archway.
  3. Peering anxiously through the narrow archway of the gatehouse, I was fully expecting to see a horse and carriage approach, when suddenly a bright, shiny bicycle came hurtling past, complete with hooter and Union Jack on the handlebars.
  4. Where the lawn narrowed as it skirted the side of the elegant house, it was traversed by a high lattice fence complete with ornate archway.
  5. They passed under the stone archway and went out into Castle Street.
  6. I watch you freewheeling along a vine-wrapped colonnade, and pause under an archway wrought in stone and lovely with purple flowers ringing in the new light.
  7. They walked down under the archway of trees to the Littles' cottage, stood outside the gate chatting to Zach and carried on down the lane.
  8. An archway covered with more Rosa "Dorothy Perkins" leads you to a small back garden with another island bed as its main feature, There is yet more pink phlox and annual lavatera, along with the variegated phlox "Norah Leigh", hostas, the dwarf gentian-blue Delphinium tatsienense and Geranium "Winscombe", which is one of the pink varieties that seems to flower all summer long.
  9. The teachers grabbed Mould and disappeared through an archway.
  10. Above: An unusual "porthole" feature window is included in the selection of archway kits from Oakhill.
  11. Architecturally, the inn was often distinguished by an inner courtyard, sometimes with gallery, reached through an archway in the facade.
  12. Matching corbels (which look like "supporting" projections) and pilasters (side "columns") are available to add to the sides for an even fancier archway.
  13. Archway

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