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Перевод: arcing speek arcing

искрение; горение дуги; образование дуги


  1. The eagle stared back at him proudly and without fear and Mr Wolski wondered how long he would be here in captivity, staring out at the same things year after year, his great wings never feeling the power and support of the wind, his talons never arcing forward and down as they did what they had been made for and struck at prey.
  2. On some mornings the ducks on Three Island Pond would take off in great arcing flights against the sun, round and behind the Cages and out of sight, round again and behind the distant trees and then suddenly back again as if it had all been a mistake and they had never meant to fly off in the first place.
  3. I made 400 before great arcing beams of light snaked out above the eastern-bounding ridges of the valley and I had to stop as blocks and slates came hurtling down the softening snow.
  4. If all is well, the flyer is rewarded with an upward, arcing sweep of the kite through 60 degrees of line angle, and joy begins as it soars aloft, dancing with the elements.
  5. Lasting impressions so far: the sun (miraculously) shining on the slopes of Dalwhinnie, far in the north, on the first leg of the journey; stumbling across Drew from the World Cup holiday in a motorway caf somewhere in England in the middle of the night; breakfast and mineral water with Claire (oh, it was good to see her) in an Italian cafe near London Victoria; people throwing up all over the joint on the Seacat crossing to Boulogne (and me staggering about, legs way out of control, on the deck, getting soaked by the spray, saltwater taste in the mouth, and a rainbow arcing on top of the water behind the catamaran); complaining English and American tourist ("It's ridiculous that we have to go through customs - why do we have to go through customs anyway ?); terrible fatigue on the train to Paris, and temperamental French men shouting and swearing at each other in the aisle; relief at finding Angela's flat in Paris; difficult negotiation of the very narrow stairwell, finally finding her way at the top on the 6th floor; food, and wine, and a shower, and a bed-settee for the night; Japanese tourists at Notre Dame, and a man announcing his state of poverty and homelessness on the Mtro - " ".
  6. arcing in resurrection?
  7. In it a couple in electric suits were arcing and fizzing to the hefty thump of a jumpbox.
  8. Like this they bound slowly down the boulevard, with him laughing and kicking people's hats awry as they come arcing back on to the pavement at the end of each step.
  9. Ship-mounted bolt throwers returned fire and sent clouds of arrows arcing into the assembled Naggarothi.
  10. A thousand years ago, humans used a similar but much cruder system which relied on the strongest part of the pattern, a band of polarised light arcing the sky.
  11. Miles powered up the starpod's sensor arrays, enhancing his own senses and sending them arcing out into space in search of the planet of his birth.
  12. We had to replace arcing plug leads.
  13. Check all your wiring accessories first of all, to make sure that faceplates are undamaged, that switches operate properly with no sign of arcing (this could indicate badly work contacts) and that switch cord pulls are in one piece.

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