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Перевод: Arctic speek Arctic

[имя собственное]
Арктика [геогр.]


  1. It will allow oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge - already the focus of a heated debate between environmentalists and developers - and drilling along California's coast.
  2. Visitors to the National Fishing Heritage Centre sign on as a crew member of a 1950's steam trawler and journey to the Arctic fishing grounds.
  3. Owners of domestic dogs do not normally expect their pets to be out hunting prey, bringing it down and killing it, in the same fashion as their wild cousins - the wolf on the Arctic Tundra or the Cape hunting dog of the African Serengeti.
  4. Who will ever believe that I lay there, stripped naked, 1,000 metres up on top of a hill that is 300 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle?
  5. Surely we could return Brightness the Beluga to her own genetic family in the Arctic?
  6. BEL CANTO: "Shimmering Warm Bright" Norwegian blues merchants issue their third album of arctic passion and esoteric instrumentation - out now
  7. In the Canadian Arctic, Eglinton Island, one of the Queen Elizabeth group, is a desolate ice-bound location beyond the limits of human habitation, within 700 miles of the North Pole.
  8. In the freezing barren icelands of the Arctic north, whale and dolphin meat has long been a traditional and important part of the diet for coastal settlements.
  9. Elsewhere, the Malla Park near Kilpisjrvi is famous for its flora, and walkers can reach the three-countries stone, where the three Arctic Scandinavian countries meet at a single spot.
  10. We've got stores in the Arctic Circle, we've got shops literally in the desert in the Middle East and we've got them in Hong Kong and Singapore and they're all the same - and they all work.
  11. The little owl pine marten and the Arctic and red fox assemblages are the most extreme, with none of the maxillae retaining even a vestige of the zygomatic process.
  12. Unique varieties of the arctic char in Lochs Grannoch, Doon and Dungeon are threatened with extinction owing to a tenfold increase in acidity since the 1970s.
  13. The skua colony turned out to be impressive, with few eggs but a host of great and Arctic skuas all intent on protecting their chosen nest site at all costs.

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